“As a grandparent you are able to observe with more clarity the pursuits of your grandchildren than you ever could with your own children in the day. Dance Essence is a pleasant oasis of learning, fellowship, artistic and athletic yearning. The excellence of the teaching, the friendliness that this encourages amongst the parents and students makes me feel that something is right with the world. When, at the end of the season, the performances at recitals and competitions fill you with pride, awe and wonder; you know it is a true feeling. Happy kids who excel! A great place!”

John R. Grandparent

“I love Dance Essence because all my teachers are amazing and I love my friends. I love everything; Dance Essence is the best studio ever!”

Dance Essence Dancer

“We love Dance Essence because we are all a big family.”

The Henry Family

“What I love about Dance Essence is that I get to see all of my friends and teachers. I also LOVE to dance with everybody!”

Madden B. Dancer