Dance Essence

Why do we do Exams?

Dance Essence has Royal Academy of Dance certified ballet teachers. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is an internationally recognized organization and examination board established in 1920. It was created with the objective of improving the standard of ballet teaching around the world.

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education organizations. Our exams set standards in classical ballet worldwide and we are a global leader in dance education and continuing Professional Development for dance.

The RAD offers examinations to children from levels; Pre-Primary to Advanced 2 and is the largest governing body for dance in the world.

The faculty at Dance Essence are included in the 8,000 RAD trained and recognized instructors from around the world, They follow RAD standards for teachings. Teacher training programs are completed to have these qualifications and only certified teachers can register exam students. At Dance Essence, exams are not compulsory. The decision to enter a student for an examination is decided by the dance teacher, based on the child’s age, ability, and mastery of the grade being studied. Dancers are not required to participate in exams, but it is an honour to be asked to partake.

We complete exams because it is a goal oriented program, it takes into account age and ability helping keep dancers safe and it is an amazing opportunity for our students. Dancers learn syllabus from specified levels and work on this level until prepared for their exam. This helps us assess where dancers should go next. We love this program and find that students thrive when being challenged working towards these goals.