Dance Essence

Why is it important to wear proper uniforms in dance class?

Dance uniforms can definitely be expensive! At Dance Essence, we understand this concern. However, we know the importance of wearing a specific uniform to each class and would like to share that with you!

First and foremost, we want to see our dancers bodies! Seeing proper posture and alignment in our students is of upmost importance in a dancer’s training. The uniforms that we pick enhance this and enable us to see what we need in order to help them improve. We want to see alignment from head to toe. The best way to see this is in tight fitting clothing. Specifically tights and a bodysuit for ballet or tights and tight shorts for other styles.

We want all our students to feel equal and a part of something! By having uniforms, it allows each dancer to feel part of that class. Dancers are still able to show their uniqueness and personality through their dancing.

Dancers should always dance in time with each other and in time to the music. While having everyone in the same uniform, it makes a cohesive atmosphere and usually promotes dancers to dance together in unison. This is the team atmosphere is strive for at Dance Essence.

Any professional dance environment will have a specified uniform. We would like to prepare and create a professional environments for our students. Prepare them for their future if dancing is something they’d like to pursue even in adulthood! When dancers all dress alike, it is a clean, professional class where all dancers are valued and respected.

When all dancers are in proper uniform, they are showing their teacher respect. This is our standard at Dance Essence and it is expected by our teachers. When you are dressed sloppy, it shows our teachers that you are not ready and prepared for class.

And last, but not least… feeling the part! When you feel ready for a specific class and look the part, you will dance the part! For each style, we have uniforms that will make you feel like a professional. When you feel that, you will dance that to the best of your ability.


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