Ms. Jordanne

Jordanne began her dance and gymnastics training at the age of 3. She quickly advanced to a provincial level gymnast, and became a competitive level dancer at Tiffany’s Dance Elite by the age of 5. It was here that she received her Elite full-time coaching from known choreographers Shannon Mather and Tiffany Mclaughlan. She has also been fortunate enough to be able to work with some other amazing choreographers such as Wade Robinson, Mia Michaels, Dee Caspery, Mark Meismer, Mikeal Knight and Blake McGrath. Jordanne has competed at many national level finals including: Myrtle beach, Ocean City and Las Vegas, and also claimed a title at Dance Masters of America as “Mini Miss Dance America”. Jordanne also furthered her training at Premiere Dance Arts as a competitive level student for her final years as a competitive dancer.

She began her teaching career at the age of 13 where she began teaching acro and jazz classes at Studio Dance Pointe. She later took her own talents to a professional level to perform on Disney Cruise Lines in 2010. Jordanne has always shown creativity and has a natural ability to motivate and inspire her students to push themselves to new levels. Many of her choreography pieces win overall awards, scholarships, and outstanding choreography awards. Jordanne is passionate about teaching and enjoys watching her students develop and grow into strong, talented dancers.


Jordanne teaches Acro, Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theatre