Ms. Breanna

Breanna started gymnastics when she was 2 years old , and a couple years later at the age of 5 started dance. She started her journey in acro but broadened her dance styles of jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap, aerial arts and lyrical a few years later. Breanna has worked with many award winning Choreographers where she has won numerous overall awards at competitions throughout her whole dance career.  She has been training in RAD ballet working on Advanced 1.

Breanna has trained at Contour Dance Academy for multiple summers and got the opportunity to learn new styles and work with some amazing choreographers. Throughout her career she has worked with a certified gymnastics coach for 16 years and has learned safety and how to properly spot acro tricks.

Breanna is a Western University Student and is a hardworking, fun and positive person. She loves kids and is excited to create a bond of trust with her students.


Ms Breanna teaches Acro, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary