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November 2017

Bring a PARENT Week!

This is not a drill! We had an awesome Bring a Friend Week in October. Now we’re going to follow it up with Bring a PARENT Week from November 20th – 25th! Each dancer is welcome to bring one parent or guardian to each of their classes throughout the week. We hope to see lots of adults out to see how hard their dancers are working and to support their dancers in their passion!


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Ballet Exams

If your dancer has received an invitation to participate in a Ballet Exam and you have decided to enroll them, you must return their form to the office by November 18th. No late forms will be accepted. We look forward to seeing our exam candidates join us this year!

Weather Updates

If you’re ever unsure about the weather please check your email and our Facebook page for updates.
Now that our Snow Day policy is in effect you will receive an email by 2:00 pm Mondays – Fridays and by 8:00 am on Saturdays notifying you if classes will be cancelled. Unfortunately, any cancelled classes will not be able to be made up. Thank you!

Recap from Injury Prevention Presentation

For those of you who missed our Injury Prevention Presentation here are a few tips from the experts @mhptherapy!

– Make sure to talk to your parent and dance teacher if something hurts.
– Be conscious and aware of your body so that you are able to recognize when something doesn’t feel right.
– Your body is still growing and always changing. Muscle memory is developing constantly!
– Ankle strength and core strength is extremely important for dancers. Exercises that strengthen these areas are a great way to prevent injuries.

If you have any questions please address them to your dance teachers. Finally, be safe and have fun!


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